Noem Attacks Jackley in Negative TV and Radio Ads

PIERRE, SD: Congresswoman Kristi Noem is bringing the swamp back to South Dakota.

Today, the Noem for Governor campaign made a major statewide media buy that includes negative TV and radio ads attacking Marty Jackley.

“South Dakota is going to see the true character of Congresswoman Noem when her negative ads hit the airwaves,” said Jackley for Governor campaign manager Jason Glodt. “Her poll numbers are in a freefall and she’s convinced the only path to the nomination is to throw mud at South Dakota’s trusted attorney general.”

Noem’s choice to go negative is not surprising given the state of her faltering campaign:

  • Noem chose DC management. Instead of choosing a South Dakota campaign manager, Noem hired a Mitch McConnell operative and DC insider with a history of running negative campaigns and attacking the family of his opposition.
  • Noem chose DC money. When she announced her run for governor, Noem transferred over $1 million in DC PAC money to her warchest. During the pre-primary period, Noem accepted more than $100,000 additional contributions from outside South Dakota. Florida has contributed more money to her campaign than 61 of South Dakota’s 66 counties.
  • Noem chose DC tactics. Funded by out-of-state special interests, the Congresswoman rejected Marty Jackley’s clean campaign pledge in preparation to go negative.
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