Jackley Created Statewide Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

PIERRE, SD: As US Attorney, Marty Jackley created a stand-alone Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) in South Dakota with an ICAC grant issued by the US Department of Justice in 2007.

Prior to 2007, South Dakota was an affiliate unit of the Minnesota ICAC Task Force.  As a result of Jackley’s efforts, South Dakota now has a stand-alone ICAC Task Force that is no longer under the authority of Minnesota.

An April 2005 Minnesota Senate bill summary that explains the mission of the Minnesota ICAC notes, “We also have the Department of Criminal Investigation for the state of South Dakota overseen by our task force.”

The summary includes an Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention map of statewide ICAC task forces then in existence, which is attached below.

“I applaud Marty Jackley for his efforts to create a stand-alone ICAC Task Force for South Dakota,” said Kendall Light, South Dakota’s ICAC Commander in 2007.  “The stand-alone SD ICAC Task Force has given our state more flexibility in charging decisions, including mandatory sentences for sexual predators, and additional resources to work with our federal, state, and local investigative partners.”

A Department of Justice press release from October 15, 2007 announced the creation of the new South Dakota ICAC Task Force.

The DOJ release states, “The Department of Justice announced today that 13 new state and local law enforcement agencies will receive more than $3 million to form Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task forces in their regions.”

“The creation and recognition of our own stand-alone South Dakota ICAC Task Force has provided our law enforcement officers with more freedom and ability to protect our kids in South Dakota,” Jackley said.  “The true heroes in the ICAC Task Force are the men and women in uniform that run these important operations. I also appreciate the efforts of Governor Bill Janklow, Sheriff Mike Milstead and others who were involved in getting funding to establish initial operations for internet crimes against children in our state.”

Jackley is also leading the national fight to protect children as Chair of Project Child Rescue with Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring.  Project Child Rescue is an ambitious new campaign to locate and rescue children from sexual exploitation and trafficking.

The application submitted by Jackley to create the South Dakota ICAC Task Force affiliated with the Department of Justice, which includes a Memorandum of Understanding, can be found here.

Also attached is an email showing Jackley’s efforts to create a stand-alone ICAC program in South Dakota. Initially Jackley’s request to DOJ was not accepted and was limited to a joint South Dakota and North Dakota recognized ICAC.  However, after continued efforts by Jackley, South Dakota was recognized as its own stand-alone ICAC Task Force in October 2007.

South Dakota Department of Justice ICAC statistics from 2007, the year the stand-alone South Dakota ICAC Task Force began, through the end of the year 2017 are available upon request.

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